Features & Benefits

The Ultimate Solution For Remote Database Management

   Whether you require a "powerhouse" application for  complex remote database management, or a tool to quickly access and control remote information, Remote dbProfessional has got you covered.

   Here are some of the benefits that you'll receive by using Remote dbProfessional:


Resolve Issues FASTER and EASIER With Remote dbProfessional

   Many of you reading this have undoubtedly experienced the frustrations of a database crisis. (If you haven't, then at least you'll be prepared having a copy of Remote dbProfessional beforehand).

   And at times, spending 2 hours on a support call that MIGHT resolve an issue, hopping on a plane, or driving 45 minutes in downtown traffic is the only viable solution. If this sounds familiar, don't worry, you're not alone.

   Or perhaps you're needs are much simpler - like extracting data from a remote data source for monthly reporting, or updating a database with weekly sales. Now you can easily do-it-yourself with the click of a mouse!

It's All About Working SMARTER Not Harder, And Remote dbProfessional is Guaranteed to Get You There - or Your Money Back!

   It's not difficult to see how Remote dbProfessional pays for itself in the first use when you take a further look at associates costs of support and data management.

   For example, sitting in traffic driving to a clients or branch office. Time. . .45 minutes. . .2 hours? What about lost productivity, or loss of billable time?

Not to mention, what if you have to go back a SECOND time?

   Or, what about flights, hotel expenses, car rentals, 2 hour support calls, precious time away from family. . .the list goes on and on. But, we're missing the most important element. An element that cannot have a monetary value attached to it. . .

Offering Timely And Responsive Support is a PARAMOUNT!

   If your client, end user, or fellow staff member is in a state of panic over a database problem - time is your worst enemy.

Imagine the scenario (if you've read this far, you've probably been there). . .

  • orders cannot be processed

  • sales reports cannot be printed

  • inventory cannot be updated

  • a contact database cannot be opened

And as an IT Support Professional, guess who ALWAYS gets the blame? 

That's right. . .YOU!

And as you probably already know, the longer the wait before a situation is resolved, the WORSE it becomes.

   Remote dbProfessional provides you with a more proactive solution for addressing common or complex database issues. When the "alarm" sounds, you can roll up your sleeves and get the job done, without a moments delay. 

   And don't worry about having to learn some complicated piece of software. With the user friendly interface of Remote dbProfessional, you'll practically be a pro, minutes after it's installed!

   Here is a screen capture of the main screen in Remote dbProfessional. Once you've created a shortcut (Outlook bar on left), connecting to a remote database is as easy as a mouse click!

   But, why wait for a database problem to rear its ugly head? Remote dbProfessional includes some proven functions to prevent downtime and ensure that your databases are rock solid and healthy.

With Data Management,
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

   Most databases require regular maintenance. Especially is you're running transaction-based applications (accounting, contact management, CRM, POS, etc.) that really give the database a daily pounding.

What precautions can you take to minimize a database disaster?

Good question! Here's a list of some proven database maintenance tips:

  • Regularly scanning your database for errors - to verify data integrity

  • Routine re-indexing to keep your database indexes healthy and stop any potential corruption dead in it's tracks

  • Occasionally rebuilding your database to clean out deleted records, and to optimize performance through sorting, packing and compression.

   It shouldn't come as a surprise when I tell you that Remote dbProfessional includes ALL of these functions - including detailed audit log reporting to help you further pinpoint the source of problems. Best of all, any of these functions can be run remotely. In many instances a simple re-index or rebuild is all it takes to get your database back up and running.

   Again, this is another reason why Remote dbProfessional is a must have product. The ability to scan/verify, re-index, and rebuild remotely is worth the cost of the software alone!

Here's what it looks like when performing any of the functions mentioned above. In this example, we're performing a scan for errors
Once the scan is complete, Remote dbProfessional provides an audit log report that details the results - if there are any problems, they will be clearly identified here:

Now let's go into detail about each of Remote dbProfessional's features. However, if you've already convinced yourself that you need Remote dbProfessional, you can click here to order the software right now.

Remember, you have NOTHING to lose. If Remote dbProfessional doesn't pay for itself in 90 days - we will issue you a refund within 72 hours - no questions, no hassles, guaranteed.

Remote dbProfessional is power-packed with a number of features to provide you with all the power you need for effective database management.

Perhaps Remote dbProfessional's most power feature is the ability to. . .

Browse & Edit Data "LIVE" Using The Internet!

Tired of using couriers, zip disks, CDs, Jaz/Zip disks, or tape to transport your data?

   Now you don't have to. Remote dbProfessional provides fundamental database editing functions including:

Browse. . .edit. . .insert. . .delete. . .copy. . .paste. . .skip. . .find . . .

   And the great thing is, any of these functions can be executed on a LIVE database remotely. You don't even have to call ahead, or wait until ALL users have exited the database!

   Also, Remote dbProfessional maintains all data integrity during LIVE editing. You never have to worry about damaging your data, or jeopardizing data integrity, when accessing on open database.

And since Remote dbProfessional utilizes Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology, what about security? Don't worry, no one can "steal", "hack", or "capture" you're data when you're online. Remote dbProfessional utilizes dbProfessional's proprietary encryption packet and compression technology (called zCrypt) that ensures your data is 100% protected at ALL times. (more about this later on. . .).

But, maybe you don't have the time to attend to a database online, LIVE.

For Ultimate Convenience, Data Can be Downloaded & Uploaded

At times, it may not be convenient for you to manage your data online:

Bad timing?
 On the road at another site?
   Need to collaborate with your associates?
    Want to make a copy for a future case study?
      Don't want the end user knowing how long it took to resolve a problem?

   Or maybe you just need to make an offsite backup? You may have your own reasons. Whatever they are, Remote dbProfessional allows you to conveniently download and upload data files anytime, anywhere (provided you have permission of course).

   And, if you have a copy Remote dbProfessional, you can be rest assured that it will satisfy both your remote and local database management requirements.

Manage Data Remotely or Locally - It's Two Products in One!

   Whether you're performing data management onsite or from 10,000 miles away, Remote dbProfessional has got you covered. Remote dbProfessional can run and access data locally, over a network (LAN), or remotely through TCP/IP. There's never a need to buy two software packages - one for local data management, and one for remote.

Split Screen Views Make Managing Multiple Databases a Snap!

   You can even use our split screen feature to manage a remote database, local database, and a LAN-based database SIMULTANEOUSLY, on the same screen - with one copy of Remote dbProfessional.

For the "power" user, this is database management at its best!!!  In the screen capture below,
we're looking at a local database and remote database in Chicago at the same time!
   You can split screens horizontally or vertically, allowing you to easily view 2, 3, or 4 tables side-by-side (depending on the size of your monitor) for comparative analysis, or to cut-and-paste from one database to another. 

No other product even comes close to giving you this type of AWESOME  functionality!

And to make things even easier, you can. . .

Use Quick Filters And SQL Queries to Save Time

   If you've ever tried to work with a large database, you know how frustrating it can be. Who wants to tediously scroll through a 5,000 record database? Remote dbProfessional includes some great time savers that allow you to:

  • Rapidly sort & filter through HUGE amounts of data in seconds

  • Create custom "views" displaying only the data that you need

   But what's even more useful is the powerful search and replace capabilities. Many users of Remote dbProfessional find this to be the #1 feature that saves them the most time. Here's why:

Make Global Changes to a Database With Ease

   The search and replace function is a real workhorse, designed specifically for making multiple or mass changes to a database. Using powerful SQL scripting, there are no limitations to what can be done.

Need to globally change an inventory item number? 
       Need to correct a customer's misspelled last name?
              Need to modify zip codes in a hurry?  
Remote dbProfessional's search and replace is the answer. Just think of all the time you will save!

   Search & replace saves time and ensures accuracy. Plus, as an extra safety precaution, changes can be previewed before writing to the actual database - no more mistakes!

   There are still features to tell you about. However, if you've already convinced yourself that you'd like to give Remote dbProfessional a try, you can click here to order right now.

"OOPS!" But even if you STILL manage to make an error using Remote dbProfessional, don't sweat it. There's yet another safety measure built in:.

You're Always Protected With Backup & Restore Functions

   Editing live data always comes with a small amount of risk.  What if you accidentally make a mistake when modifying a database? No problem. The backup & restore function allows you to literally "undo" any modifications that produce undesirable results. Roll the clock back with one click!

Tune-Up and Rebuild Any Database FAST

   Ever try to manually scan or reindex a database? Unless you're extremely skilled,  patient, or have ALOT of time on your hands - it's not fun.

   Using Remote dbProfessional makes scanning, reindexing, or rebuilding a database literally a 5 minute job. Also, audit log reports alert you of any errors or potential problems that require your immediate attention.

   In many cases, you'll be made aware of problems before they actually become MAJOR problems!

"Okay, this sounds great and all, but what about security?" you ask?

Protect Your Valuable Data With User Permissions

   Your corporate data is the backbone of your business, and your most valuable asset! Don't take chances with it.

   To ensure that you're protected from sabotage, unauthorized use, theft, or data loss, Remote dbProfessional comes with complete user security functions.

   You control who has access, and what rights (or permissions) they have. You can limit a user (or users) to read-only access, give them full-blown access, password protect your data - it's entirely up to you! You can even use firewalls or proxy servers for added security - Remote dbProfessional fully supports them all.

Furthermore, you'll always know whose accessing your data and what they're doing. . 
Like a Virtual "Security Camera" Always Watching Over Your Data

   Accidents sometimes happen, mistakes are made. . .at least next time, you'll know what REALLY happened.

   Whenever Remote dbProfessional is launched, all functions that are run against a database are recorded to an audit log.  If a database is opened, a field is deleted, an index is rebuilt, or a database is exported - Remote dbProfessional records each and every move.

You'll ALWAYS know who, what, when, and how your data was accessed. 

Together with the user permissions, the audit log ensures that your data is safe and secure.

   I hope you're beginning to see just how powerful Remote dbProfessional really is, and how invaluable it is for ANYONE who works with data for a living. This includes Valued Added Resellers, Developers, MIS, and Support Professionals just like you.

   But, let me finish by highlighting a few of the other features that are included with your copy of Remote dbProfessional.

if you've already convinced yourself that you need Remote dbProfessional, you can click here to order using our secure server.

   Here are some other great features that you can look forward to using with your copy of Remote dbProfessional:

Extract Data For Custom Reports, Graphs, or Analysis Within Seconds!

  • Perform a custom export on a remote database - extract only the information that you need (no need to wait for e-mails, disks in the mail, or rely on other staff).

  • Gather data for monthly reports, forecasts, financials, etc.

Conveniently Manage Multiple Platforms With One Application

  • Works with Pervasive.SQL, dBase, Paradox, MS-Access, and FoxPro - with additional platform compatibility on the way.

  • Never worry about having to buy additional database management software.

Manage 1 or 10,000 Remote Databases With Ease

  • Remote dbProfessional requires the same level of effort, whether you're an IT professional supporting 3 or 4 branch offices, or the Support Manager of a Software Developer with an install base of 3,000.

   There are probably some features that you would find valuable that I haven't mentioned here. I could easily go on for another 3 or 4 pages, but at this point you should have a solid understanding of what benefits Remote dbProfessional brings to the table and why it's a product that you should not be without.

Here's the bottom line. Remote dbProfessional is the only complete database management solution that combines remote and local and network (LAN), functionality, database editing, database maintenance & repair (scan/verify, re-index, rebuild), user security, error log reporting, data backup & recovery, and much more - it's literally like 2 or 3 applications in one. You won't find ANY other product like Remote dbProfessional on the market - period. And that's a person guarantee.

Your Guarantee: Remote dbProfessional Pays For Itself Within 90 Days
Or It Costs You Nothing!

   That's right. Give Remote dbProfessional a try for 90 days and convince yourself that it's an indispensable product. If Remote dbProfessional does not save you a bunch of time and resources within 90 days, just send us an e-mail saying so. You'll be issued a 100% refund within 72 hours. You won't even have to go through the hassle of sending anything back - Remote dbProfessional is only delivered digitally. 

   Don't become one of thousands of struggling database support professionals who becomes so bogged down by time-consuming support routines that your productivity, profitability, and LIFE slows to a grinding halt!

Click here now to begin managing your data the "professional" way without risk - using our secure server. Within one minute, our computer will e-mail you the registration information and download instructions you need to start benefiting from Remote dbProfessional right away.

If your web browser will not support secure servers...click here to print out an order form (bottom of order page) to mail in or fax. Keep in mind that when you use our order form on our Secure Server, we can e-mail you everything you need - in under one minute.

   Finally, remember that Remote dbProfessional is guaranteed to pay for itself within 90 days. If it doesn't (very unlikely!), just send an email to refunds@dbprofessional.com, and you'll be issued a full 100% refund within 72 hours. You won't even have to ship anything back.


dbProfessional Team

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